Nevan C. Hanumara, PhD

Dr. Hanumara is a Research Scientist in MIT Mechanical Engineering’s Precision Engineering Research Group and with the MIT Tata Center for Technology + Design. His research and teaching focuses on human-centered mechanical design, with application in medical settings, emerging markets and anywhere person and machine interact.

Nevan has project management expertise, works internationally and is a proponent of entre/intrapreneurship as a mechanism for technology commercialization. He is a co-founder of Cambridge MedSpace, which is focusing on providing a supportive home for early stage health-focused companies.

Nevan has a PhD and MS in Mechanical engineering from MIT and a BS in Mechanical Engineering and BA in French from the University of Rhode Island.



Danielle R. Zurovcik, PhD

Interests: Product design and development; Simplified, inexpensive medical device solutions; Ergonomics; Innovation; Entrepreneurship

Projects: Mitral Valve Repair; MEMS Surgical Instruments; simplified Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT)


Conor J. Walsh, PhD

Conor Walsh is currnetly a professor at Harvard SEAS

The major focus of his graduate studies was on medical device design and control.

2010 Doctoral Dissertation: Image-Guided Robots for Dot-Matrix Tumor Ablation" Permalink

Conor received his B.A.I and B.A. degrees in Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2003 and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006 and 2010.


Nikolai Begg, PhD

Nikolai Begg is currnetly working for Smith & Nephew

2014 Doctoral Dissertation: Increasing the safety and precision of medical tissue puncture Permalink

This work was sponsored by Intuitive Surgical

2011 Masters Thesis: Blind transmembrane puncture access : design and development of a novel laparoscopic trocar and blade retraction mechanism Permalink

2009 bachelor's thesis: Design and development of a tissue retractor for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures Permalink

Matthew Rosario, MS

2012 Master's Thesis: Characterization of cardiac lead perforation risk via a dynamic simulated environment Permalink

The lifespan of cardiac leads depends on many intricately linked mechanical, electrochemical, and physiological processes. Matthew's research investigates lead mechanics through a novel experimental setup designed for precise locating and actuation of test samples.

2010 Bachelor's Thesis: Finite element based micromechanical modeling of periodic composite microstructures Permalink

Melanie Hoehl, PhD

Melanie Hoehl holds her BA in chemical engineering from Cambridge University. She is currently pursuing her doctoral research as a PhD student in medical engineering at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. For her dissertation she has been developing a low-cost detection method for contaminants and pathogens in household products, water, medicines and foods. Tests for contamination are widespread, but typically require stable laboratory-like environments and trained operators; however, thousands are killed annually by contaminated products that were never tested. Melanie's detection method is fast and robust so that it can be deployed broadly even in developing countries and crisis situations, where laboratories and trained operators are not readily available. [more]

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